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here is a brief description of what we do.

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Installing Solar Panels
Solar Panels Technicians

Solar Consultation

Custom Solar Solutions

 Solar Monthly


On Going Support

After you've filled out your information on the booking slip a solar consultant will ring you to confirm an appointment at your convenience. We will sit down with you and compare your energy bills to what you could be saving, whether it be with purchasing a system or paying monthly.

Our experts work closely with clients to design solar solutions that meet their specific energy needs, taking into consideration factors such as location, energy consumption, and budget.

We can help you secure a monthly fixed payment plan with no upfront cost for your solar project and take advantage of available grants and funding, so you pay less per month than you do now on your energy bill. 

certified installers will carefully and efficiently install your solar panels, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Ongoing support doesn't stop at installation. We provide continuous monitoring and maintenance services to ensure your solar system performs optimally throughout its lifespan.

Our Story

Our story begins with a shared vision: a future powered by clean, renewable energy. We were a group of passionate individuals, driven by a deep concern for the environment and a belief in the potential of solar energy. We saw an opportunity to make a difference, to help people and businesses transition to a more sustainable future.

we founded Solar Consultancy LTD, a solar consultancy dedicated to helping our clients harness the power of the sun. We started small, but our passion and commitment quickly resonated with others. We grew our team, bringing together experts in engineering, finance, and sustainability.

Together, we have helped hundreds of clients install solar panels, reducing their carbon footprint and saving them money on their energy bills. We have worked with homeowners, businesses, schools, and even entire communities. We are proud of the impact we have made, and we are excited to continue our work in the years to come.

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